Friday, April 15, 2011

History of Nice

Nikaia Greek colony was founded around 300 BC. In Roman times was an important port of Nice. From the third century was the seat of a bishopric. From the fifth century Germanic invasions and frequent Saracens. In medieval times, threatened by Genoa, defended its independence in alliance with Pisa. In the thirteenth-fourteenth century several times under the rule of the Counts of Provence. In 1388, surrendered to the dukes of Savoy, who contributed to the development of the city. During the wars of Francis I, Emperor Charles V in 1543 Nice was plundered after the siege by the combined Franco-Turkish troops. In 1626, acquired a substantial privileges, during the reign of Louis XIV, many times it was under French occupation. France ceded by the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1860, 26 February 2001 signed the Treaty of Nice in Nice, the European Union Reform.