Friday, April 29, 2011

History of Provance

From 443 tribes of northern Provence najeżdżały Burgundians. From the sixth century, parts of Provence were in the hands of various Frankish kings. Following the Treaty of Verdun in 843, Provence was on the territory granted Lotarowi I. Since the year 879 under the rule of Boson V of Provence - in-law of Charles the Bald - Provence was part of the kingdom of Provence and Burgundy, also called the kingdom of Lower Burgundy. In the year 934 Lower Burgundy succeeded Rudolf II, King of Upper Burgundy, which was created as a result of the united kingdom of Burgundy. As a part of Provence has been a county.
After the termination of the line descendants of Rudolf II, since the year 1032 as the county already Burgundy became a part of the Roman Empire and the rulers of Provence Marquis wore titles, earls, dukes. As a result of dynastic mariaży, since the year 1112 Provence passed to the Catalan-Aragonese dynasty, and clashed on the territory of French and Spanish influences. After the death of the last independent ruler in the year 1481, combined with France Provence personal union. However, parts of medieval Provence and a few enclaves within its territory for a long time were outside the French domination.