Friday, March 4, 2011

Population of Gibraltar

Gibraltar has 27.5 thousand inhabitants. Over the past few years, the population of Gibraltar is characterized by dominance of men over the number of women. In 2008 the index stood at 101.13 masculinization of men per 100 women.
Over the last 30 years in Gibraltar there has been a decline in its birth. In 1992, 569 children were born, but 7 years later, there was only 381 births. In 2008, 400 children born. The vast majority of mothers at the age of 1920-1934 years. One in six of them are 35 years and more, while 5.5% of mothers raises her child at the age of 19 and fewer years [2]. For comparison, the number of deaths over the past 30 years varied from 200 to 300 (in 2008 reported 227 deaths).
Gibraltar's population is growing slowly - in December 2008, the number of inhabitants stood at 1929 286th In 2005-2008 the growth rate was 1.76% [2]. The birth rate in recent years ranged from 12 to 15 ‰ (13.7 ‰ in 2008). In the same period the death rate ranged from 6 to 9 ‰ (7.8 ‰ in 2008). Thanks to Gibraltar for several years a positive result recorded natural growth rate of 5.9 ‰ (2008).
The number of marriages over the past 35 years shows a continuous upward trend. In 1984 there were 398 in 2008 - the first time - the number of marriages exceeded the 1000 (there were 1062) [2]. This means that 2.7-fold increase over the quarter. An interesting fact is that most of these marriages are entered into by persons not permanently resident in Gibraltar.