Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aga Mendel on Stalk.Info

List of names of other Mendel's: Michal, Jos, Mr, Aga, Ralf. In ranking of popular first names, Aga is ranked at position 571. There are 86 other people that have this name. Example surnames of people called Aga: Żak, Wieczorek, Krakowiak, Labenz, Domańska. Our popular last names ranking says that Mendel is the 9 most popular surname in the world. 430 people also have the same last name. Aga Mendel's page was visited by 10 bots. Visitors from 63 different countries landed on this page. Visitors to this page could be divided into 4 groups, based on browsers they used. Aga Mendel seems to have fans in 63 cities. StalkInfo located Internet users from 56 regions who googled the name Aga Mendel Number of unique OS (operating systems): 8.