Thursday, February 24, 2011

The wreck from Grand Congloué

The wreck discovered in Grand Congloué be between 1935 to 1945 m depth. His tested addressed the group of divers under the supervision of conservators from Provence prof. Fernand Benoit. The work started in 1952, also attended by JY Cousteau and F. Dumas. It is in this position was first used ejector, this device had a diameter of 120 mm, and his departure led to board the research vessel Calypso. There, the material was screened and checked for any small artifacts. Diving as a place from 2 to 3 times a day and lasted 18, 15 and 12 min. When the work was unveiled keel 50 x 75 cm. Among the items discovered were, among others., More than 2.5 thousand. amphoras and more than 6 thousand. pieces or fragments of pottery in general. It was established after testing a hypothesis attributed to a ship journey from Delos, the Rhodes and the Cyclades, and Sicily Campaign to crash off the coast of Marseille. After 25 years of studies on material obtained from the excavations, the experts said that the position in fact consisted of two wrecks, which sank in the same place. The first wreck wydatowano the second century BC, its cargo consisted of about 400 amphorae of wine, the Greco-Roman origin, and about 7 thousand. fragments of dishes from the Campania region. The second wreck wydatowano the end or the beginning of the second century BC, it consisted of over a thousand amphorae of wine, Roman origin, defined as the type of Dressel 1A. Recent studies have shown that the amphoras from the wreck No. 2 comes from Cosa in Etruria - today's Tuscany.