Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Internet Explorer and Chrome statistics

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded 23 million times. It uses the 0.5% of Internet users worldwide. Chrome and managed to win 10% of the market.

All versions of Internet Explorer are used by 56% of Internet users worldwide. This gives Microsoft applications first place among browsers, but the result is weaker compared with December (57%). Recall also that a year ago IE enjoyed 60% popularity among Internet users. Firefox in January, won 22.75% of the market, while the third took the browser from Google. She managed to acquire an interest in 10.70% of people using the web. Was followed by Safari (6.30%), Opera (2.28%) and Opera Mini (0.89%).

The coming period will bring a lot can change in the statistics. Both Microsoft and Mozilla are preparing to release the next version of their browsers. RC IE edition will be 10th February, this month should be also released the fourth version of the Firefox RC It can be assumed that even Google does not grow under their feet fall asleep, and soon there will be another release of Chrome.