Sunday, February 27, 2011

The wreck of Titan

Titan sank off the eastern tip of the island Levant. He set up the Office for Protection of Monuments Provencal with recreational and professional divers starting in 1954 for research. An important role was played here Taillize P., who was director of underwater work. One can say that the methods used here were more scientific than previous ventures. Prior to exploration located in the 1927-1929 m of the wreck, made drawings and photographic documentation of the position. Removal of the layers were made using the ejector from which the material entered the appropriate screen on the research vessel. All items are described and cataloged on an ongoing basis, with reference to their position in office. For the items were recovered from the wreckage, among others. 700 amphorae (Dressel type 10 and 12) containing traces indicating that the cargo was cured fish, and besides, the platters, tiles, two vases, coins, dzbanuszki olpées and bone fragment, possibly of human origin. Monet interpreted as a votive, found in the place were the mast, let wydatować unit on the first century BC The exposed part of the wreck (with dimensions of 20 x 4 m) was agreed to raise the bottom, for this purpose przepołowiono it into two parts. On the surface of the individual pieces were placed in boxes with sawdust, it did not protect them from destruction, however. By some excavations at the wreck of Titan have been called the first scientific exploration of the submarine on the sea waters.