Friday, May 27, 2011

Arles festivals

Arles is a cultural hub open to all Mediterranean cultures in the areas of Creation. The city is home to several publishing houses (Harmonia Mundi, Actes Sud, Picquier, Phonurgia Nova), the National School of Photography (NPHS) and the University's summer radio. It includes two theaters, the Municipal Theatre of Aries and that of Salita, and two cinemas, Femina and Méjannote 25.

Throughout the year, the city is enlivened by the traditional parties (the election of the Queen of Arles, the Feria of Easter and all other bullfighting events, the exhibition of Santon), meetings and numerous photographic festivals (festival of world music of "Suds in Arles", music festival Actes Sud, Peplum Film Festival, festival naked pictures ...). Arles also boasts a large market held twice weekly, Wednesday and Saturday along the ancient ramparts of the city.

Calendar of Major Events

Easter: Easter Feria
May 1: Feast of herdsmen and every 3 years election of the Queen of Aries
Early May: European Festival of nude photo
Mid-May: Jazz in Arles
Early July: The Feasts of Arles (pegoulado, party costume and gold cockade)
Early July: Les Rencontres d'Arles (International Meeting of Photography)
Mid July: Suds in Arles (world music) and stops the Cargo (concerts)
Late July: Summer School Radio
Late August: Arelate (Roman days) and Film Festival Peplum
Mid-September: Feria rice, Camargue horse festival and gourmand
End of September: Feast of the beginnings of rice
Late September: Antiques and flea market
Late October: Festival of the Harp
Late November: Provence Prestige
Late November-early January: International Exhibition santonniers
Late December: Christmas Funnies
The city is a member of the Union of French bullfighting cities.