Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to visit in Genoa?

Via Garibaldi Avenue
Doria Tursi Palace (it. Palazzo Doria Tursi) from the sixteenth century, now houses the city hall and art museum;
Bianco Palace (it. Palazzo Bianco) from the sixteenth century, located art gallery with paintings by Italian masters such as Caravaggio, Veronese Filippin Lippi as well as little-known Genoese painters;
Rosso Palace (it: Palazzo Rosso) from the seventeenth century
Cemetery Camposanto
House of Christopher Columbus (it.: Casa di Colombo)
Gothic town hall, the thirteenth to fifteenth century
Cathedral of San Lorenzo (it.: Cattedrale di San Lorenzo), the cathedral of the twelfth-thirteenth century and rebuilt in the sixteenth century
Il Faro lighthouse (XII century)
Art Museum in the former Palace Paroti
Museum of Oriental Art (it.: Museo d'arte orientale Edoardo Chiossone)
De Ferrari Square (it: Piazza De Ferrari)
Palace of the Doges of Genoa (it. Palazzo Ducale) from the seventeenth century
Victory Square (it: Piazza della Vittoria)
Old Port (it.: Porto Antico)
galleon Neptune - a replica galleon used in the film Pirates of R. Polanski
Il Bigo - a monumental eight-spoke design with a lift lookout
maritime museum (it. Il Galata - Museo del Mare di Genova)
Palace San Giorgio (it. Palazzo San Giorgio) from the thirteenth century
monuments from the Roman period
aquarium (one of the largest in Europe)
The city walls from the twelfth century.